[No Banner Needed For This Post] Hey You Guys..Im Back and so Glad to be back...So i did some short research and yeah..i learned alot while doing it...So heres whats been going on in the spoilers zone...Yeah....So,If you got any questions just let me know you guys...In a chatbox,or in the comments,Feel free to meet me on my page.....Great to be back....Spoilers.......Yes...I see....Looks like these were released today i think when i went to the starplaza i saw a few of em....Hmm..... Spoilers...More....Yes,I see.... Looks kinda space like...Or futuristic,Somethings up again with stardoll.....?Anybody got any ideas of what they are doing this time around?

Michael jackson Suit?(Sorry its Kinda Blurry.)But Anyways,A MJ Suit Right?IS there gonna be some sort of Michael Jackson store or giveaway?Its so sad you know.Like seriously,Is there gonna be a comp or what?Or is it just a reminder?I dont know but i would buy it all if i could..=D
Michael Jackson....Yes...I know...Unbelievable....Yes,I see....I cant wait....Kinda Weird though... He was so different and thats what made him so great...he was willing to try something new...
Jonas Brothers....Here we go again... Jonas,Jonas,Jonas,LOL!Everyone LOVES Jonas?So yeah get your free Drum Set Today you guys..Though,There are a few restrictions that may apply.As i have said before I'm not responsible for some sites which may contain viruses.You go at your own risk.Though,As for me.Its not that necessary to have though to Jonas Fans..I mean you can try and maybe you will get lucky and maybe you want get any viruses.Though,I don't have any say so on that.I guess it depends on what system you have and if you have protection and know how to change proxys.Well,I do know how,Plus,I have security anyways.So good Luck and please do not blame the blog for your problems because i warned you,at your own risk!
So check out the Jonas Brothers and Get those free Drums and rock out in your suite at that next Pad Party you guys have.So good Luck,And more spoilers are too come...As they appear...


hey guys! i know this hotbuys already was out for a couple-few days, so it's kinda late posting. but oh well (:

here is the magnificent hotbuys beret:

i LOVE it. reason why is because i LOVE french people, and the frnech clothing. i LOVE berets!
so here I made a French inspired outfit with the hotbuys beret:

the shoes kinda ruin it..sorry no good shoes. :l

tell me what you think :D

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