New Contest Where You Dressup:Shakira
Only For SuperStars:(
If you Are Not SS you can still receive this item by just logging out your account and reentering it inside a mexican proxy as ones being displayed(below)
2. Go to the following page wiht the proxy:
3. Log into Stardoll
4. Go to:
5. Turn off the proxy.
6. You’ll find the necklace in you MeDoll Editor!



Happy Valentines Day Everyone.I wish the best to All Those Loves Out There,And That You Have The Valentine Of Your Dreams,And To Those WithOut A Valentine Know That We Here At Stardollco Love You.Thanks.


Lol.Check Out This Picture.Describe Me In One Word.And Tell Me What You Think About it.Copyright Stardollco Production Please dont steal because if i find out and you didnt give me any credit i would really be offended,and have to take matters into my own hands.Thanks.Describe Me Or YourSelf,Friend,Doesnt Matter Just List There Name,Username,Or watever.Peace Out.

xx,Ashlyn Was Here Dude..


Hey Everybody I dont know if you have seen of heard but i was just checking spoilers a while ago and saw this feed on items about facebook with a cool iphonish celluar phone and fan with facebook emblems going around it.I think they will be for ss but who knows maybe they shall be for all.Hopefully Free.If you hear anything let me know here.In comments,or in chat.Thanks.
And Also There Are These Items that Anyone can get right from an extra account and have sent to yours or you can purchase of two or three prices depends if you are (superstar)or not.

Hope These Updates Help.And Yum look At That Cupcake wish i had one Now.(l.o.l.)but anyways hope this helped those who had the valetines thought in hand.



Is it Mardi-Gras Or is Stardoll Just Being Nice?I guess So why else would they give away a mask plus angel wings.Theres something going on and yeah i like it.Keep it Up Stardoll.About time the cheat-skating stopped for a second.Check Out The Items,Which Are Not Avaliable For All At The Moment.
Here Are The Wings That Are Given Away To The Participants Freely if you just do the scenery.And If You win you Can Have a Chance At 100 Stardollars!Which is alot Of Money.Good Luck To All The Participants Who are Trying out in the contest give it your best shot you never know you could be the winner!

Oh Yes And Now Its Time To Get Ready To Party With This lovely Masquerade Which You Can Receive only if you are in particpating Countries.(proxy links will be posted soon.)Free Which In other words means Gratis.Nothing you have to do much that could hurt anyone unless you win.(l.o.l.)good luck to all and hopefully i see your name in big stars In The Stardoll News.



Finally I want to congratulate stardoll For Finally Receiving 50 Million Members.After All The Hassle And Time Put In Its Finally Here,And I Just Want Them To Know That I Give Them My Best Wishes For The Future.And Not Only That If You Didnt Know Stardoll Even Gave Away Numerous Free Items for There Awesome Spree To 50 Million.Here Are details on the items listed below:

Sorry For Those People Who Missed Out It Was A Party To Remember As Always.Though,Next Time Check The Updates Stardoll Posts Sometimes they are actually interesting.Peace.



There Is A Very Exclusive ANTM Cardigan That Can Usually Be Found In The Uk.If You Dont Know The Proxy Just Ask,and heres the easy step into getting this item.

But The Proxy Change Is:
IP: Port:3128

Hope You Enjoy Your New Cardigan



Hey Everyone Just thought i would let you now that at the moment there is this wonderful little ducky and rose avaliable for anyone to get as long as they know how to browser change.If you dont know how to browser change just ask in chatbox and i can give you all the instructions.Though these are the items and basic steps to follow right here.

1) Use a manual proxy/ proxy server like german-proxy.de to go to http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/view.php?id=250
2) log into your stardoll account

3) change the ‘view’ in the link into ‘finish’ or copy and paste http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/finish.php?id=250 into the URL bar
Hope That Helps and I hope That Everyone Has a Wondeful Valentines Day With The People That You Love.Check Out My Valentines Post Later On.


[No Banner Needed For This Post]So Today when i logged into my stardoll account i saw holiday soriee which is about 6 peices of dkny items that are free if you spend a specific amount of money in the star plaza.There are two new boxes on the sidebar of your account stating your status and your amount you have spent and how much you need to spend.So yeah thats all kinda new and different.Though without farther or do take a look at the new dkny.And just too let you know if you hurry you can cath the miss sixty and dkny before its gone for good.one of the best sales we have had in months.
Connected:It doesnt give you a choice to decide what you wanna do.Because lately people you havent added have been able to trench into your chat.And possibly be trying to hack you.And Sometimes you maybe you just dont wanna chat and you cant decide but just a click anymore hopefully things get a little better.Though,Anyways the gift-o-meter is pretty cool though you have to spend over 200 dollars to many,And thats kinda hard for non-superstar though the trees we got yesterday were extreemly cool and if you got the roayl membership they got clothes.Lucky for them.=)Though Thats Pretty cool because alot of people have been able to do it,And most are non-ss.Kinda odd but cool/
Here are you choices.Quantity:[6]items.Basically if you have to spend so much i dont think i would choice the smaller items such as 1,3,and also 6 because maybe they want be worth as much as the clothing items.Though,who knows they may be worth tons more than some of the other items though obviously they are rare though unlike last year this time you have to spend to get the items and got a free tree,and last time you got free dkny and paid for the tree.


[No Banner Needed For This Post]Sorry i hadnt posted but as usualle there hasnt been much that you hadnt known about already going on.Though heres a updates on the most exclusive you should know about.Hopefully these can be some guidance.[Thanks To Cristal6969 And The Insiders For the Updates]Didnt have much time to do photoshopping though they deserve gratitude.Though,Happy ThanksGiving To All And hopefully your having a great time.I ate tons of Mac And Chesse And Spent time with the Fam.Hopefully your day went as great as mines and i guess im about to hit the sack for the night.Hopefully theres something more exciting to write about later.Talk to you soon.Oh and sorry i didnt post on Halloween very hectic.But Happy Belated too.=)




[No Banner Needed For This Post]So here we go again with update time.Sorry i don't write as much anymore but you know how it is now.So that's why there are blog openings now.So we can have more posts and more updates faster than i can post.So Lately Rikki And I have been slacking on posts, though nothing serious has been going on that isn't obvious already.So i guess i may as well state the obvious news right. So that's why we need a FABULEUX ICONE Writer To Write ON Fashion,Makeup,And Many More.And I am very Serious About this Job you guys so here are the following things you must have to apply.Just leave a comment on my page or on the blog and hopefully you will be the next writer.Banners Will Be Given For Free,And More Stardollco.Blogspot.com Sticker Widgets.


.Most Have Tons Of Social Skills and Most Be Active To The Blog.

.Most enjoy Writing And Photo Editing Because we use that alot here.

.Most Have a Deep Passion For Fashion Because this is what the Position really represent the most of them all.

RANDOM OF THE DAY:Yeah i just love this picture it reminds me of everyone who has addiction to the Internet.I know i do obviously so that's why this link would totally apply to me if this was a real notice.Would it apply to you also?


[No Banner Needed For This Post]Hey Guys.Sorry i hadn't posted in a while but since I've been taking advanced classes the work has really been piling up on me hard.Though,I'm back now and I'm gonna try and update daily again.And Obviously alot has been going on since i hadn't been posting.Though,I want to say thanks for everyone who has still been active to the blog.So today's segment is gonna be about Free Items,babyPhat Real Brand,And many more..Including a Free Superstar Glitch that's going around.Very Rare so listen real carefully.Also,Check out My New Banner Post Head.More Handy than Big banners,and yet portable.Lol.

BabyPhat Real Brand.

Finally,A new real brand other than Dkny.Obviously,Everyone is gonna buy ever piece of i because it will be rare like dkny soon.So yeah that's pretty cool.Something new to collect and make tons of money off of possibly.Just Kidding.Though,Yeah Finally something new to look forward too,Following more hotbuys which update every few days.So be on the watch for them also.By the Way Which one is your favorite Piece?

Red Carpet Updates:

Yeah,more Red Carpets..Wonderful Don't You Think,and Also Fashionable too.This Red Carpet Brand will be out Only between the 3rd and the 4rd of October so hopefully you get them while they are available.Or you'll be paying 60 in the bazaars.Yikes.So what do you think of them?Are they worth their prices,or should they have been as cheap as a dollar?

Here's a photo of the two latest free items sponsoring the Japanese and Chinese Holidays.All you have to do to receive them is go to your stardoll account log in and go to your main page and go to the minishop and viola they will be there for free though hurry before the glitch ends and the prices rize,and check out some of the other lovely items which are all at reasonable price ranges.

Black Star And Moxie GirLS FrEeBies

Free Moxie Girls Dog and Chair and Free Black Star Items Giveaway.Thank Goodness i hadnt purchased anything yet.I got half of the collection free.Yeapee!So have any of you guys took time out to just make a dress-up and just click the link?Well,Obviously i have and hopefully you do too if you want freebes.Just let me know if you need help or something.So yeah just go to your account and the links should be there but it seems like stardoll is updating now.Who knows?Go figure with that one.
Well,Thats All for today.Thanks for reading and hopefully you enjoyed my posts.If you know any cheats,questions,or concerns just comment in chat or comments.Thanks.Please follow you guys and let your friends know about the blog.
RanDom Post oF THe DAY:
By the Way doesnt this Orange Juice Look Good?Doesnt it make you thirsty and want to get something to drink?Well,It makes me wanna get something to drink.
Btw:This is our Random of the the day post.Watch out for them daily and see randoms and possibly see something to your liking.If you have any ideas just post them.


Tis me, Rikki, aka rikki525.
Hi everyone =)

my apologies for not posting in such a long time. i've been REALLY busy with school, so i haven't had any time to post or really any time to go on stardoll. if i do go on, it's for a few minutes or so.

hope everyone's enjoying school, because i know i am! i'm in a new school, new people, well...i know some ppl from before, but mostly new ppl. it's really cool. i got to show everyone a different side of me, which made me really popular. so i'm super excited!!

i know this isn't much, but i just wanted to let everyone know why i haven't been posting. as for ashlyn, not sure, but most probably she's also been busy with school.

wishing you all an awesome year in school!! :D



[No Banner Needed For This Post] Hey You Guys..Im Back and so Glad to be back...So i did some short research and yeah..i learned alot while doing it...So heres whats been going on in the spoilers zone...Yeah....So,If you got any questions just let me know you guys...In a chatbox,or in the comments,Feel free to meet me on my page.....Great to be back....Spoilers.......Yes...I see....Looks like these were released today i think when i went to the starplaza i saw a few of em....Hmm..... Spoilers...More....Yes,I see.... Looks kinda space like...Or futuristic,Somethings up again with stardoll.....?Anybody got any ideas of what they are doing this time around?

Michael jackson Suit?(Sorry its Kinda Blurry.)But Anyways,A MJ Suit Right?IS there gonna be some sort of Michael Jackson store or giveaway?Its so sad you know.Like seriously,Is there gonna be a comp or what?Or is it just a reminder?I dont know but i would buy it all if i could..=D
Michael Jackson....Yes...I know...Unbelievable....Yes,I see....I cant wait....Kinda Weird though... He was so different and thats what made him so great...he was willing to try something new...
Jonas Brothers....Here we go again... Jonas,Jonas,Jonas,LOL!Everyone LOVES Jonas?So yeah get your free Drum Set Today you guys..Though,There are a few restrictions that may apply.As i have said before I'm not responsible for some sites which may contain viruses.You go at your own risk.Though,As for me.Its not that necessary to have though to Jonas Fans..I mean you can try and maybe you will get lucky and maybe you want get any viruses.Though,I don't have any say so on that.I guess it depends on what system you have and if you have protection and know how to change proxys.Well,I do know how,Plus,I have security anyways.So good Luck and please do not blame the blog for your problems because i warned you,at your own risk!
So check out the Jonas Brothers and Get those free Drums and rock out in your suite at that next Pad Party you guys have.So good Luck,And more spoilers are too come...As they appear...

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