another glitch? where?

these glitches have been kinda good, except for this one. THIS ONE has one cheaper than the other, so without even noticing the difference i bought the cheaper one. before i bought it i thought to myself 'these glasses look kinda small on me..but oh well!' and i bought it. then i put on the other one, and i realized that the one that was cheaper was smaller than the one that was a dollar more. weird, isn't it? so now i have to decide if i should buy both..and the bad thing is i can't end up selling it since it's a medoll item which is non-sellabe..if that's a word! so now i just put 6$ down the drain.


you're very welcome child..

whut o-o.

lmao idk why but lately i've been having tons of randomness. is it creeping out or bothering anyone?


[No Banner Needed For This post]Sorry i hadnt been blogging for a while i had more than 10 guestbook comments asking what happened and if i was ending the blog.Well,The answer is No.Though, Rikki kept the blog updated while i was gone and IM super glad she did.Well,I have done some research and i have found out was has been going on and i have found some updates and some free items information that im sure you guys will be happy to hear about.Okay so to start off.. i wantto say Congraz to Stardoll for starting to give us those go crazy kind of glitcheds.(i cant believe i missed them.)They seemed like the best.But anyways,At least i saved some money for now.Lol!Though,Back o the updates first i wan to talk about...the hbs for the september line.Super delightful.And to see whats coming up just play the hb dress-up which updates every new season which occurs every month.(looking forward to the lovely rainbow pattern dress.)

haha....I kinda just wanted to show you all the items so you will know what hbs will be coming....

September Hbs Seem A little more exciting in my opinion by the way....

The August are cute but...Seems Familiar??Ring a bell to you too?

Well,They ring a bell to me anyways....


Just click the side display which may soon show up on your side screen and it will send you to your suite or just click the wizard box on the startpage...And it will send you there.The stone of Dreams,Wand,and the wizards hand book.Sponsoring The Wizards Of Waverly place Movie.I guess it would be good if you want to make a selena theme or a wizardry room(harry potter items too.)If you do just let me know and we can get to posting...
SALE In The StarPlaza

Yeah,The sale has came back and you dont want to miss it.(dont know if its still there but i was informed by a friend that it had came..)So hurry while you still can get those special items and get to bazaaring them right away and earn some extra bucks.


Yeapee!More Giveaways are back you guys....The DartBoard has been released....So if you arent from the Us dont worry you can still get it by just easily going to: http://myproxyca.com/ and you basically know the rest..Log into your account and go to the startpage and click on the campaign page for psp.And viola stay there for 5 seconds and easily log out...Look out for the psp handbag next go round....


Yeah!Its so not to late to join...Even though you want receive the money prize...You still have a chance at the shirt,poster,and luxury bag too...Oh la La...!! So just hurry and join and get those free items....


it's time for a cheeeeat!

so i've been browsing through the stardoll starplaza, and i saw some items labled 'pink star', from avril lavigne. so i decided to screenshot all of them, just for you guys (:

so here they are:

1 -

2 -

3 -


i found another item :)

it's a pink fluffy skirt! with a boring black skirt under it...i dont like that :l

oh well!

you can zoom in to the pictures to see them better. hope i helped. enjoy!!




hm..what do we have here? another stardoll glitch?


what's going on with stardoll? there's been many glitches lately in the shop, duplicating items or items being missing.

but there's a bright side to the duplicating items. because then i can buy both, keep one, and sell the other one for a higher price when it leaves the shop. which is what i'm going to do (:

is anyone doing the same thing as me? because it's a great way to earn dollars!


Rikki here (:

so i was logging on to stardoll today, when i saw that the hotbuys socks was the pick of the day, meaning it was released.
so i clicked on the picture and it sent me to the starplaza. i looked all over..but no hotbuys socks!
someone stole the hotbuys socks!


sorry, i can have my moments haha.

it's probably just a glitch, that i hope get's fixed!


stardoll's getting lots of new clothes now, yaaay! i decided to check out the shop for any hotbuys, and i saw these out of the blue Limited bags. they're from evil panda and rio chicas. previously, stardoll released Limited guitars from evil panda, which were super cool! but these bags..eer i dont like them so much. from evil panda, i only like the leopard-design one, but the rio chicas ones are super fab. totally love the pink one :)

hope stardoll releases some new Limited Edition. i never got to get a piece, being that i didn't have many stardollars. is stardoll gonna release more Limited bags/clothing? has anyone seen some sneak - peaks? please let me know c:


I am SUPER bored right now. So i decided to post here (:
anywho, there's a new brand on stardoll called Moxie Girlz. Basically, it's a copy of bratz. How nice :] The clothes are really cute. + they're super cheap, and for non superstars! What could be better?


[No Banner Needed For This Post]I would like to introduce the math challenge simulation game: The Math Challenge Game has been released!Yeapee!Which is great help with students or members who arent the best with math and need more money on stardoll.To receive your 5 dollars basically EARN 2000 starpoints and anything less will give you 4-0 stardollars.So,If you are in a hurry use a calculator or such,And This game isnt really timed so its much greater to work with.So hope you enjoy the games you guys!
1.Calculators are helpFul
2.Not Really Timed
3.Most have 2000 to get 5 stardollars
4.Anything less will give you 4-0.


[No Banner Needed For This Post] Free PSP Tank Tee Giveaway
Yes,There is a second Psp Giveaway and its the OMG!

Top above....
So all you have to do is....

1.Go to MyProxy.ca

2.Click this link here into the URL Proxy:


3.Log into your account and there you go....

Btw:If you havent gotten the psp link you may be able to still get it by this link or by locating my older post with more information..about the psp.

Anyways,I kinda think the prices for the items are reasonable.Sorry its in Spanish i hit the wrong proxy language by mistake but is okay...Its fixed now??So,The Prices are pretty good because... If you also once again use the five dollar a day program...You can simply at least let one or two items.Though,Depending on the Purchase maybe 3 or more.

If you looked at the Pictures above the prices have decreased in the stardoll minishop!Finally,Stardoll has gave us a reasonable price.Do you think its some sort of mistake or glitch in price,Or are they Being nice for the first time?Kinda,Freaky when you think about it.Isnt it?The prices start at one dollar and there is usually nothing at that price range other than the garland or the pillows assortedly.Have they Lost Money On SuperStar Bargains or are they trying to increase in money once more???You tell me???


[No Banner Needed For This Post] Hey its Ashlyn...And i want to say that finally there have been a few more glitches.The post Grad Bag has been released.But,Sadly for only Canadian and American members.(You know anymore places.)Well,Dot Fret you guys it will be okay..Because you can still receive this item by just doing the following steps.
1.You will now need to go to a united states or canadian proxy..Which i think myproxy.ca would be the best way and safest at the moment.
2.Go to your proxy change/exchanger and change it to...(E.G. port 80)
4.Log into the accoutny ou want to use in the exchange(or accounts.)
5.Watch the whole movie trailer which is two minutes plus or you can take a break,unless you are interested in the movie...


Hey guys! It's been quite a while since i posted. I've been really busy in florida, and stardoll has been quite boring lately..Well, the only new thing i saw was the new hotbuys that was released.

Here's my way of wearing it:

I put the suspenders part underneath, because they dont look good ontop. So i hid them under this nicely fitted black and white striped top. The white nee-socks and gray sneakers go really great together. Pretty. And to top off the look, I added some makeup, a black bow, brunette hairdye, and a black necklace.


[No Banner Needed For This Post] Hey you guys is Ashlyn.Sorry i hadn't posted in a few days.Nothing was really going on on stardoll.Though,Tomorrow School Starts Back for me.I am so excited and happy to be back to the books and those advanced classes.(wish me luck.)But,Anyways after school i will still come on daily and make posts and questionnaires.So as for stardoll you now, can have a chance to chat with the great actor's and actresses of the "Bandslam"movie.Doesnt is seem great..Maybe your question will be read and answered... So,IN other news for non-superstars you guys can now have a new selection of stardesigns accessories which i really think are cute and worth 5 dollars which you can use by just playing the 5 dollar a day game...(my fave.is the celebrity quiz.)Which is super easy......But in my opinion anyways the dress design pretty much looks like the pink and cremish colored Miley Cyrus Dress?What do you think???(well im thinking yes and to hurry to buy....By the way the 1 dollar silk dress is now five again but everyone still can access it..Sometimes i think stardoll is gonna make everything non-superstar...(hmm...well if they do they should give us refunds.=D)hehehe...So enjoy you guys and if i have more info check back in the posts and maybe it can be something that can help you out.


Gosh i though i was done but i just want to make a comment on the top for 10 dollars above.So....It is 10 dollars and i think its a out rage.Dkny and More items such as hotbuys sometimes aren't even that price...Do you think that since stardoll is trying to be nice to non-superstar,they are gonna make it tough for superstar???Or are they losing money to Meez.com and Imvu.com??As,the members multiply,will stardoll get greedier???Theres alot of questions to be asked...


Hey you guys its shundria and do i have news for you.Today i want to report that Hot Mail has a Virus Learching around. I have heard that the virus is saying something about fotos 9/9 or something but im no sure but if you any type of mail with photos in it delte it as fast as possible.Because as soon as you open it it will send you a virus and also a virus o all your contacs.So please be safe you guys.Back to stardoll,For the following weel we will have a questionnaire,poll daddy(hopefully,cheats,and possibly spoilers so be on the watch for more updates and information to come.So it will be okay you guys,just be safe with mesaging only open the ones your friends send or either stardoll.com or any other browser you use ha you are sure is safe and secure.So....CHEER UP MORE FREE ITEMS:
Get your free Harumika Mannequin today.So,You Us memer hurry to item fo the day and get this free gift which is very cute if you asked me.So,Dont be afraid if it doesn say free.(you still go to your suite.)and enjoy this item fo the collection.if you arent a US member i think you know what to do go to myproxy.ca and go to the startpage there and viola you have the free gift but you have to wait to log out about 5 seconds into the post.If you dont get it today im so sorry because its just a limited time offer to give.


hey guys! sorry i couldn't really post. thank goodness tho, i arrived in florida FINALLY. my flight was delayed for 3 hours, and the actualy flight was horrible. bumpy, broken tv, and broken radio. :l but it's all over now, and i'm here! so now i'll be able to get back to my posting in the blog.

anyways, back to stardoll. not much is happening on stardoll lately..but there's a new hotbuys jacket C:

the jacket looks really cute! in the picture at least. it's a little short, so you'd probably have to wear a shirt underneath it. i'd probably wear it like this:
it's not too great though :l. oh well! i'd like to make a who-wore-it-best with this hotbuys jacket. i'll be surfing around stardoll to look who's wearing it, and i'll screenshot all of the people wearing it and then post it in another post. would anyone like to enter? you can tell me by commenting on this post, or write in the chatbox.

wow that was long! will you enter? do you like that jacket? do you think the who-wore-it-best was a good idea?

please get back to me!

ohh, btw ash, thanks for fixing my post! i just saved the banner to my computer in florida. ttyl!

Hi Its Ashlyn.Sorry about the blurriness in the photo but you can click it for a better view.Anyways,i wanted to show you a few ways i would wear the hotbuys jacket.I used the style selections in separate category's such as School Girl,Retro/Techno,Simple Party.There are tons of ways to make a statement in stardoll.You can either stand-out clearly,or Stay inside the Box.Its your choice to create a look to stand out. In the school girl out fit i waned to show how you can be a punk rocker with a style that can make you girly but yet sporty with the high knee socks over her stone washed jeans.Accessorized with her classical book bag or tote of your choice.In photo number two which i call Retro/Techno i use a EASED Lady Gaga Hair bow to tease the outfit and her highly pumped heels to show you can be bold and beautiful with just a few accessory's.I also added the hotbuys purple bow skirt and the Elle multi deisgned mini skirt to make the dress 3-D.Would you wear it???And last but not least i tried to do something simple but not yet boring.Simply by adding the 2008-2009 collection dkny toe boots and a flower patterned pair of pale tights in the pretty in pink collection with the lilac hotbuys tote bag.Would you wear it on a date or to the movies?(casual look for all.)Ending with a diamond head band and white puffed flower top hat to match.Now,You have seen what i would with the new hotbuys now its your turn.If you would like to see more ways and tips on how to wear this jacket or any other item let me know and a new fashion segment will be posted shortly for you.Thanks for reading and i hope it really helped.

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