id like to present my new banner ideas.which one do yhuu think i should use for now?? for me wen i write.LOL which is like all the time.i am the only writer for now.IF U WOULD LIKE TO BECOME A WRITER GO TO MY HOMPAGE:SHUNDRIA1 and then tell me why yhuu think u should.thanks.back to the regular fun programs now below.if u can make me a better banner.plz let me know.you guys i will send ss gifts to yhuu.plz comment below.

what do you think of the new mac computer.it looks pretty simple now.though it was a gift that i just got from my dad.here are some details maybe u may be into one. ipod.com is the site.
From one solid piece of aluminum comes a MacBook that’s thin and light, beautifully streamlined, and durable.
Seamless glass and instant full screen brightness make everything you see flat-out spectacular. Including the display itself.
Advanced NVIDIA integrated graphics provide more responsive gameplay and more realistic 3D environments.
It’s redesigned with even more room for even more gestures. Now the entire glass trackpad is also the button, so it’s clickable everywhere.
Only 1299$


Stardoll.Co said... @ April 9, 2009 at 10:01 PM


thanks everyone for viewing and also following.as long as the club has been up i never knew we had followers.thats why i recently added it.thanks everyone.plz become a follower.also if u are interested in making me a bannner let me know.also if u want to become a writer let me know also.thanks plz add me page shundria on stardoll.com go to the last activity included on this page to reach it by one click.Thanks tons everyone.plz comment.on any ideas or more.


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