[No Banner Needed For This Post] Candies,Kohl's,and Mudd Collection is supposedly coming back to stardoll.com.Thanks to the Stardoll Insiders i found out more details on this odd victory.A few days ago i was checking on spoilers and i like totally saw a few things from Mudd,Kohl's,and Candies collection.So i tried to look more into this discovery.As i was checking my favorite sites i saw the following from the insiders that it possibly is true.So,Then i thought hmm...Maybe its true so i checked out the official sites and i saw a few things similar to the spoilers.So since it was the spare of the moment instead of making photos of my own i just decided to help out the insiders by adding there lovely photos to the blog to show you what to look for.So maybe there is a chance non-superstar can swipe a few items up if they happen to be non-superstar.

Candies Collection:
Collectors Items:
Kohl's Collection:

Abbey Dawn Collection: UPDATES:
Stardoll Versions:Abbey Dawn Store:Last Seasons
Cant wait im super excited and pumped for the new collection of items.Im preety sure things will be much better than the last time.Price value sure will rize higher.


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