[No Banner Needed For This Post]So Today when i logged into my stardoll account i saw holiday soriee which is about 6 peices of dkny items that are free if you spend a specific amount of money in the star plaza.There are two new boxes on the sidebar of your account stating your status and your amount you have spent and how much you need to spend.So yeah thats all kinda new and different.Though without farther or do take a look at the new dkny.And just too let you know if you hurry you can cath the miss sixty and dkny before its gone for good.one of the best sales we have had in months.
Connected:It doesnt give you a choice to decide what you wanna do.Because lately people you havent added have been able to trench into your chat.And possibly be trying to hack you.And Sometimes you maybe you just dont wanna chat and you cant decide but just a click anymore hopefully things get a little better.Though,Anyways the gift-o-meter is pretty cool though you have to spend over 200 dollars to many,And thats kinda hard for non-superstar though the trees we got yesterday were extreemly cool and if you got the roayl membership they got clothes.Lucky for them.=)Though Thats Pretty cool because alot of people have been able to do it,And most are non-ss.Kinda odd but cool/
Here are you choices.Quantity:[6]items.Basically if you have to spend so much i dont think i would choice the smaller items such as 1,3,and also 6 because maybe they want be worth as much as the clothing items.Though,who knows they may be worth tons more than some of the other items though obviously they are rare though unlike last year this time you have to spend to get the items and got a free tree,and last time you got free dkny and paid for the tree.


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