Yes new tee.For france.the proxy will be posted soon.the link is below if u already have the proxy and more info also.PLz comment here if u think u know or know how to get it.Thanks wen i find the proxy i shall and shurely will post it here first after i get it.LOL!

SARAH MICHELLE, a novelle star from france is on stardol. But only
french members can see her videos and so on.
Here is a link: http://www.stardoll.com/en/campaigns/sarahfr/


Anonymous said... @ May 2, 2009 at 7:16 AM

I don't think that link gives you the shirt.
The link takes you to the contest page where French members have a chance on winning Sarah Michelle's album, but it doesn't give you any t-shirt... Well, it didn't work for me...
The French members (members who had their country set to France at that moment) got the T-shirt in their suite without doing anything... :S

Stardoll.Co said... @ May 2, 2009 at 5:36 PM

LOL i know i forgot to post that.That link was just telling u about it. Though to get the shirt u must have a french proxy.I am actually looking for one now still.Though if i find the proxy i will send it too you.I promise.:D:D

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