Omg the stuff is now moveable.Though in my opinion the suite have gotten larger.which is so awesome.Stardoll is still a rip off though.They give new members tons of stuff but one suite.they just want more money.though wen newbies find out it is a gemmeck they will give em what they r look'n for and i do mean what stardoll is look'n for4.

When you visit someones suite, you can now CHANGE THEIR MEDOLL! WOOHOO! It's cool 'cos I usually get REALLY bored, and this should amuse me for quite some time. Anyway, Our rooms have now expanded. More room has been added to the back, and we are now able to move our mirror, shelf, etc. AND... There is that little pink bar beside each room? It shows how many items are in that room(who cares, anyway?) and the more the items, then less white dots there are.. I was just wondering, when the bar has not white dots left, does it mean we cannot have any more items in that room? Anyone know...?By the WAY! Is anyone good at banners?! Haha, I'm just useless at them, and was hoping for a new blingin' one to match my doll ;D Mail me if you want :D


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