[No Banner Needed For This Post]So here we go again with update time.Sorry i don't write as much anymore but you know how it is now.So that's why there are blog openings now.So we can have more posts and more updates faster than i can post.So Lately Rikki And I have been slacking on posts, though nothing serious has been going on that isn't obvious already.So i guess i may as well state the obvious news right. So that's why we need a FABULEUX ICONE Writer To Write ON Fashion,Makeup,And Many More.And I am very Serious About this Job you guys so here are the following things you must have to apply.Just leave a comment on my page or on the blog and hopefully you will be the next writer.Banners Will Be Given For Free,And More Stardollco.Blogspot.com Sticker Widgets.


.Most Have Tons Of Social Skills and Most Be Active To The Blog.

.Most enjoy Writing And Photo Editing Because we use that alot here.

.Most Have a Deep Passion For Fashion Because this is what the Position really represent the most of them all.

RANDOM OF THE DAY:Yeah i just love this picture it reminds me of everyone who has addiction to the Internet.I know i do obviously so that's why this link would totally apply to me if this was a real notice.Would it apply to you also?


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