[No Banner Needed For This Post]Hey Guys.Sorry i hadn't posted in a while but since I've been taking advanced classes the work has really been piling up on me hard.Though,I'm back now and I'm gonna try and update daily again.And Obviously alot has been going on since i hadn't been posting.Though,I want to say thanks for everyone who has still been active to the blog.So today's segment is gonna be about Free Items,babyPhat Real Brand,And many more..Including a Free Superstar Glitch that's going around.Very Rare so listen real carefully.Also,Check out My New Banner Post Head.More Handy than Big banners,and yet portable.Lol.

BabyPhat Real Brand.

Finally,A new real brand other than Dkny.Obviously,Everyone is gonna buy ever piece of i because it will be rare like dkny soon.So yeah that's pretty cool.Something new to collect and make tons of money off of possibly.Just Kidding.Though,Yeah Finally something new to look forward too,Following more hotbuys which update every few days.So be on the watch for them also.By the Way Which one is your favorite Piece?

Red Carpet Updates:

Yeah,more Red Carpets..Wonderful Don't You Think,and Also Fashionable too.This Red Carpet Brand will be out Only between the 3rd and the 4rd of October so hopefully you get them while they are available.Or you'll be paying 60 in the bazaars.Yikes.So what do you think of them?Are they worth their prices,or should they have been as cheap as a dollar?

Here's a photo of the two latest free items sponsoring the Japanese and Chinese Holidays.All you have to do to receive them is go to your stardoll account log in and go to your main page and go to the minishop and viola they will be there for free though hurry before the glitch ends and the prices rize,and check out some of the other lovely items which are all at reasonable price ranges.

Black Star And Moxie GirLS FrEeBies

Free Moxie Girls Dog and Chair and Free Black Star Items Giveaway.Thank Goodness i hadnt purchased anything yet.I got half of the collection free.Yeapee!So have any of you guys took time out to just make a dress-up and just click the link?Well,Obviously i have and hopefully you do too if you want freebes.Just let me know if you need help or something.So yeah just go to your account and the links should be there but it seems like stardoll is updating now.Who knows?Go figure with that one.
Well,Thats All for today.Thanks for reading and hopefully you enjoyed my posts.If you know any cheats,questions,or concerns just comment in chat or comments.Thanks.Please follow you guys and let your friends know about the blog.
RanDom Post oF THe DAY:
By the Way doesnt this Orange Juice Look Good?Doesnt it make you thirsty and want to get something to drink?Well,It makes me wanna get something to drink.
Btw:This is our Random of the the day post.Watch out for them daily and see randoms and possibly see something to your liking.If you have any ideas just post them.


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