Tis me, Rikki, aka rikki525.
Hi everyone =)

my apologies for not posting in such a long time. i've been REALLY busy with school, so i haven't had any time to post or really any time to go on stardoll. if i do go on, it's for a few minutes or so.

hope everyone's enjoying school, because i know i am! i'm in a new school, new people, well...i know some ppl from before, but mostly new ppl. it's really cool. i got to show everyone a different side of me, which made me really popular. so i'm super excited!!

i know this isn't much, but i just wanted to let everyone know why i haven't been posting. as for ashlyn, not sure, but most probably she's also been busy with school.

wishing you all an awesome year in school!! :D



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