[No Banner Needed For This Post] Free PSP Tank Tee Giveaway
Yes,There is a second Psp Giveaway and its the OMG!

Top above....
So all you have to do is....

1.Go to MyProxy.ca

2.Click this link here into the URL Proxy:


3.Log into your account and there you go....

Btw:If you havent gotten the psp link you may be able to still get it by this link or by locating my older post with more information..about the psp.

Anyways,I kinda think the prices for the items are reasonable.Sorry its in Spanish i hit the wrong proxy language by mistake but is okay...Its fixed now??So,The Prices are pretty good because... If you also once again use the five dollar a day program...You can simply at least let one or two items.Though,Depending on the Purchase maybe 3 or more.

If you looked at the Pictures above the prices have decreased in the stardoll minishop!Finally,Stardoll has gave us a reasonable price.Do you think its some sort of mistake or glitch in price,Or are they Being nice for the first time?Kinda,Freaky when you think about it.Isnt it?The prices start at one dollar and there is usually nothing at that price range other than the garland or the pillows assortedly.Have they Lost Money On SuperStar Bargains or are they trying to increase in money once more???You tell me???


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