hey guys! sorry i couldn't really post. thank goodness tho, i arrived in florida FINALLY. my flight was delayed for 3 hours, and the actualy flight was horrible. bumpy, broken tv, and broken radio. :l but it's all over now, and i'm here! so now i'll be able to get back to my posting in the blog.

anyways, back to stardoll. not much is happening on stardoll lately..but there's a new hotbuys jacket C:

the jacket looks really cute! in the picture at least. it's a little short, so you'd probably have to wear a shirt underneath it. i'd probably wear it like this:
it's not too great though :l. oh well! i'd like to make a who-wore-it-best with this hotbuys jacket. i'll be surfing around stardoll to look who's wearing it, and i'll screenshot all of the people wearing it and then post it in another post. would anyone like to enter? you can tell me by commenting on this post, or write in the chatbox.

wow that was long! will you enter? do you like that jacket? do you think the who-wore-it-best was a good idea?

please get back to me!

ohh, btw ash, thanks for fixing my post! i just saved the banner to my computer in florida. ttyl!

Hi Its Ashlyn.Sorry about the blurriness in the photo but you can click it for a better view.Anyways,i wanted to show you a few ways i would wear the hotbuys jacket.I used the style selections in separate category's such as School Girl,Retro/Techno,Simple Party.There are tons of ways to make a statement in stardoll.You can either stand-out clearly,or Stay inside the Box.Its your choice to create a look to stand out. In the school girl out fit i waned to show how you can be a punk rocker with a style that can make you girly but yet sporty with the high knee socks over her stone washed jeans.Accessorized with her classical book bag or tote of your choice.In photo number two which i call Retro/Techno i use a EASED Lady Gaga Hair bow to tease the outfit and her highly pumped heels to show you can be bold and beautiful with just a few accessory's.I also added the hotbuys purple bow skirt and the Elle multi deisgned mini skirt to make the dress 3-D.Would you wear it???And last but not least i tried to do something simple but not yet boring.Simply by adding the 2008-2009 collection dkny toe boots and a flower patterned pair of pale tights in the pretty in pink collection with the lilac hotbuys tote bag.Would you wear it on a date or to the movies?(casual look for all.)Ending with a diamond head band and white puffed flower top hat to match.Now,You have seen what i would with the new hotbuys now its your turn.If you would like to see more ways and tips on how to wear this jacket or any other item let me know and a new fashion segment will be posted shortly for you.Thanks for reading and i hope it really helped.


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