Hey you guys its shundria and do i have news for you.Today i want to report that Hot Mail has a Virus Learching around. I have heard that the virus is saying something about fotos 9/9 or something but im no sure but if you any type of mail with photos in it delte it as fast as possible.Because as soon as you open it it will send you a virus and also a virus o all your contacs.So please be safe you guys.Back to stardoll,For the following weel we will have a questionnaire,poll daddy(hopefully,cheats,and possibly spoilers so be on the watch for more updates and information to come.So it will be okay you guys,just be safe with mesaging only open the ones your friends send or either stardoll.com or any other browser you use ha you are sure is safe and secure.So....CHEER UP MORE FREE ITEMS:
Get your free Harumika Mannequin today.So,You Us memer hurry to item fo the day and get this free gift which is very cute if you asked me.So,Dont be afraid if it doesn say free.(you still go to your suite.)and enjoy this item fo the collection.if you arent a US member i think you know what to do go to myproxy.ca and go to the startpage there and viola you have the free gift but you have to wait to log out about 5 seconds into the post.If you dont get it today im so sorry because its just a limited time offer to give.


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