[No Banner Needed For This Post] Hey you guys is Ashlyn.Sorry i hadn't posted in a few days.Nothing was really going on on stardoll.Though,Tomorrow School Starts Back for me.I am so excited and happy to be back to the books and those advanced classes.(wish me luck.)But,Anyways after school i will still come on daily and make posts and questionnaires.So as for stardoll you now, can have a chance to chat with the great actor's and actresses of the "Bandslam"movie.Doesnt is seem great..Maybe your question will be read and answered... So,IN other news for non-superstars you guys can now have a new selection of stardesigns accessories which i really think are cute and worth 5 dollars which you can use by just playing the 5 dollar a day game...(my fave.is the celebrity quiz.)Which is super easy......But in my opinion anyways the dress design pretty much looks like the pink and cremish colored Miley Cyrus Dress?What do you think???(well im thinking yes and to hurry to buy....By the way the 1 dollar silk dress is now five again but everyone still can access it..Sometimes i think stardoll is gonna make everything non-superstar...(hmm...well if they do they should give us refunds.=D)hehehe...So enjoy you guys and if i have more info check back in the posts and maybe it can be something that can help you out.


Gosh i though i was done but i just want to make a comment on the top for 10 dollars above.So....It is 10 dollars and i think its a out rage.Dkny and More items such as hotbuys sometimes aren't even that price...Do you think that since stardoll is trying to be nice to non-superstar,they are gonna make it tough for superstar???Or are they losing money to Meez.com and Imvu.com??As,the members multiply,will stardoll get greedier???Theres alot of questions to be asked...


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