[No Banner Needed For This Post]Hey you guys.Its Shundria again.I'm hoping you are having a great summer break before school starts back again in just a few days.So as usual,when i checked back with spoilers again i saw that there was gonna be a new lilac psp simulator coming to our stardoll suites.I am not sure what country yet but I'm sure there will be a few proxy's you can use to access this items either way.So i kinda got tipped off to check spoilers when i came to stardoll today, and saw the light purple background with numerous Hannah Montana photos and PlayStation portable displays.I'm just guessing it will be gotten either by proxy,suite,or item of the day obviously.And,Also i can see there will be a Hannah Montana movie display format on the video games front too.So i will keep you guys posted on what you should look for to come until next time.Oh yeah read below for the questionnaire of the day.
Questionnaire Of The Day Do You Think Stardoll is Becoming a Bore,Has Time expired since the 2005-2006 opening year with you?Have you started to think its a waste of buying superstar memberships and more now of days because there are so many hackers,scammers,and more out there?Do you think the stardoll strike helped at all?Was it all worth the time and for some money?Has stardoll stared to become a X and a click goodbye?


If you are a member of the united states or a few other countries possibly?(if you know of any countries let me know.)You shall receive the free lilac psp immediately by clicking the stardoll link or either just manually to go to your stardoll suite.Though,If you are not a member of the us or such you can still receive the item(guitar) by using this proxy link.

Please do the following:

1.Log into myproxy.ca
2.Then,type in the stardoll.com proxy link.
3.To get the guitar copy this link


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