Hey guys! my name's Rikki, aka rikki525, and i'm the new writer at S.T.F.T.!

Finding Ashlyn
i found out about Shundria1 from a different blog [[ can't remember atm]] . i started reading about her, and i realized she was an amazing inspiration, and i wanted to be friends with her. so i started talking to Ash [[ Shundria1 ]] and we became really close friends as each minute passed. Ash, you're a great person, friend, and blogwriter. i feel really special being able to write for this blog with you, it's UH-MAZING! may we have many more laughs, and iSpying to do. c:

as i said before, my name is Rikki, and my stardoll name is rikki525. i've been on stardoll for at least 2 years, beginning with my first account, rikki626. stardoll is my addiction, and i've met really amazing people on it. stardoll has changed my life, and i don't regret it. my stardoll outfits reflect on my mood, and thoughts. i truly love stardoll!

About me
Name: [[ Rebecca ]] Rikki.
Age: 14.
B-day: June 26/`95.
Location: Brooklyn, NY.
Appearance: Long Bittersweet-chocolate hair with bangs, Hazel-brown eyes, Light skin.
Fav. Color: Red.
Fav. Vegetable: Pickle.

that's all for now. if you have any questions, please ask! :)



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