Brasilian Fash Splash Now in the StarPlaza today
New Style added to the stardoll world.Brasilian Fash Splash now in the StarPlaza.Check them out as soon as possible.Just go to the start page and check out the new brand and then click the display and head to the starplaza to see this room in chicas for rio.Preety nice you think?Very summerish with the swimsuits and the lovely decor.Stardoll is very explantory these days.I guess thats because more people are superstar now a days.


Stardoll Magazine said... @ June 24, 2009 at 12:19 PM

Hey shundria1 thanks so much for the awesome layout.i bet you are thinking darn i should have used that one now.lol!but im about to stat a new blog a gossip kind.likke perezhiltonofstardolls.

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