I know this isnt about stardoll.com but thesims3 is now out for computer pcs,mac,nintendo ds and ds lites,and more.The long wait has finally come to a end.The sims3 has been a huge game since numerous years ago staring off with the urbs meet the sims,Thesims1,Thesims2,Thesims busted,and many more.The sims is one of the most sucessful video games and now the adventure of a life time is here now.Check out some stardoll clubs for updates one very special club shall b posted later after consent of the owner of the club.So cant wait to pick up a copy.I wish i could have gotten it earlier my dad alwready purchased it all we have to do is pick it up but in my life i have been trying out for advanced classes,constant rain fall and the local gamers station is to far of a drive to run too.So cant wait to get.More sims3 updates will be posted soon.


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