So about a few minutes ago stardoll only had items starting at the spy glass now have reissued some items that were here in following scenerys and more oddly which they probably never let go of and kept for backup's.Anyways is it a manufunction but the octupus and more seem the b offely large.Ha!Well,You can decrease the size but thats just bazaar.

And more items which some have been here before does the interior room ring a bell to you?Though,is it me but i dont belive the price was as high but that may be just me!:SHold up!Above in the first picture there is a fish pillow.LOL!A fish pillow what can a fish do with a pillow more like stardoll trying to get us to buy the pillow for personal use not for jellyfish or any other object display.The seaweed has many different buys including some look identical to e=me just thinner and thicker.Either way stardoll should let us decor our suites for free.Though that would ruin the fun of us learning how to properly spend money.Ha!Saldy,With me thats kinda to late my suite is a disaster.I hope stardoll doesnt sweep it so i have to start over.Geez!

Yes the small fish bowl above!With the $ in the middle has been in stardoll for ages.Now as the sad leave of the bowl for about two minutes stardoll has brought it back with the new collection of under the sea items which in my opinion shall be a big hit in the case stardollers love the decor with animal and the stardpoint sun,bubbles,waterfall,and more shall b wonderful with the theme if you know how to dress it up.


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