[No Banner Needed For This Post] Welcome to the Disney Club Updates Program where details containing information about the new releases will be told to happy our readers minds.
Isla Fisher Belt from confessions of a shopaholics collection.Kinda classy and old fashioned but nice to play around with.Came with the 50,000 members plan which has just been broken not to long ago.This sponsoring club is helping Disney just as its the place of dreams its making our dreams come true because of the free items program that is going on constantly and members are fighting for those spots.
Yes,The Disney Club has now issued the next gift out for joining the club.The lovely isla fisher belt.Quite Classy if you asked me and at the same time playful.As for now there are two more gift giveaways the elegant purple purse which will be issued let and then the gorgeous pink pumps.Though those some fo these things kinda ring a bell.Yes,from older archives of stardoll ashions but seem to be remanufactured.Though,I cant complain its free,cute,and there is more where that came from for sure.
PS:If you are interested in purchasing the isla fisher movie on blue-ray or dvd.Check your local theaters for info on its locations and where abouts so you can get your copy today.


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