Hi, everyone! I'm the new writer Reira422 :) I have some good and bad news today on Stardoll..

First, I'm sure most people already knew about the Screen TV that is like a gift, right? Well, if you don't, here is a picture.

As you can see, there is also a new club: THE DISNEY CLUB. The club is like another club like MONTHLYGIFTCLUB that gave up free gifts after reaching a certain amount of members.

25,000 members = stardollars

50,000 members = a green belt

100,000 members = a purple purse

200,000 members = pink shoes

What's funny is that all of these "gifts" can be bought from the starplaza right now.

green belt = Rihanna Big Buckle Belt in Bisou

purple purse = Purple Purse in Rip Chicas

pink shoes = Ankle Band Sandal in Pretty in Pink (different pink but same shape)

So if you already bought them from the Starplaza, I guess you can have double :)

I'm not sure if all these freebies are for US users only but it can't hurt to try. And that ends my first post here at Stardollco, I hope you found my post to be helpful :D Feel free to ask me any questions at my guestbook.


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