Now this is Odd!Stardoll is now going to have a baby feature soon.Does this mean we will have a chance to adopt kids or have kids?I think wither way that will be cool but more price wise.Though for stardoll it will probably be only for superstar memberships.Cant wait to find out you guys.Peace!

PS:Banner updates will be posted above because i sort of think sometimes banners are not needed.Stay updated and leave a comment after you subscribe.Im friendly if you have any questions just ask.Thanks!

Sorry about the weird way i posted this right back but the babys are already in the star plaza in the minishop for 14$dollars each.They look kinda creepy now when you really see them but its so cute.You cant interact with them but its a nice keep safe to have around your stardoll suite.Which come on three different chooses so you can get that baby that meets the eye.Hope that helped more updates to come if needed.


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