[No Banner Needed For This Post] I want to start off by saying i am sorry to announce yesterday around 12:00 pm micheal jackson was pronounced dead.The King of Pop was born in the late august month and would have been 51 years old this year.He was diagnosed with skin cancer after the change of skin and was hoping to have a london tour which was canceled proir to his death where he would have made more than 80 million dollars to support him.Micheal was in a cardiac arrest and had no pulse to survive.Though sources announced micheal wasnt okay suffering aneroxia,cancer,and farther more dug overdose.Micheal was taken through prescription drug over dose and oddly his special home doctor was missing at the time of his death.Micheal will always be in our hearts even though he isnt here anymore.To get more info check out your local radio stations,television series,internet,and many more sources.I have more info which would take to long to post but the main part is we love you and you will always be the king.Many dispised your ways and some didnt but as all couldnt face the facts.Micheal Jackson was the first to die out of the jackson five and his family.Though hes in a better place now and he doesnt have to suffer anymore.Check out his youtube account which he was on two weeks ago and show your respects.Thank you all for the support.


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