[No Banner Needed For This Post]Finally,The first gift has been issued for the PPP club.The money tribute which gave 5 dollars to each member that joined before the 25,000 members joined.So hopefully you joined both clubs and got 5 dollars sunday and then monday.The Disney club has now issued the last gift of its giveaway.The elegant pink shoes for 60,000 members plus+.As many have asked is this the end.No join the Jonas club and the PPP club and maybe theirs a chance at the next gift giveaway.But who knows the club may have a few more activities such as the dove club. The jonas club has delivered the first 25,000 members 5 free stardollars.Yeah!and if your email address is comfirmed you can get another five at the free stardollars game.So hurry and join the clubs so you can have a chance at the next gift.


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