[No Banner Needed For This Post] The Jonas Brothers Club Has made it to Stardoll.com which now means the spoilers were so true you guys.Take a look below or at the older posts because there they came before i expected.Late in the night at my time zone which is central i got awaken by this odd jonas alert.So as you may see there are the spoilers in the free gifts zone also a lovely savings of money bargains hopefully there are more clubs where this one came from maybe a princess protection plan club or demi lovato club.Hmm...Who knows.Cant wait to find out. So hurry and join now before the 25,000 members have joined but now its just at the 400's so you have time.So if you do or dont like Jonas its fine though you know you want the gifts.Anyways,I know my presentation looks blurry but i didnt have time to fix it up and make it clearer,but to get a better look take a look by clicking it or zooming by left clicking your mouse.Click To Enlarge.


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