[Banner Is not Needed for this Post]Simple_Vip_Club is back and has made a lovely blooming towards its developing life.Now since the club is doing so well there is a new free giveaway.The lovely swimwear below.Which is to die for.So its only for Uk members but when i discover the link i will surely post it so all can receive it.Also,as you may see the cute tee that was entered in a contest far back has now been choosen so congratz to the winner.
Thanks to the Stardoll Insiders i saw a wonderful update on the simple dove club.More Gifts are on stardoll for free sponsoring teens,but this time only for the UK members.But that isnt stopping us stardoll members.Click the photo to enlarge because i know it may be hard to read correctly.But if you wanna see for your self just go to stardoll clubs and look at the tenth biggest club which is the last on the biggest clubs list.Hope that helps you somehow.Peace!


Stardoll Magazine said... @ June 24, 2009 at 12:24 PM

hey its me from fashionexpedetion i am about to start updating again.but thanks for the template im about to change my blog into a gossip kind.its gonna talk trash day and night.but no cursing thats disrespect but you can be a member if you want of the blog.you have a big mouth sometimes.

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